A Cry For Mayzee Rae, My Daughter

My husbands amazing work.

The Literature of Jon Vreeland

This is an unedited excerpt from memoir 2 I am working on, (a follow up of memoir 1, “The Taste of Cigarettes,” which will be published on Vine Leaves Press on May 22, 2018). This excerpt shows a sad sad moment of me calling my fifteen year old daughter from jail to say sorry for being arrested, because of another overdose.

I woke to a bright light mounted on a white ceiling, buzzing almost soundlessly, stinging my eyes. I was handcuffed to the silver railing of a hospital gurney. I started screaming, crying hysterically for my oldest daughter Mayzee. At first nobody came. Nobody at all. No mom. No dad. No kids. No family member whatsoever. No friends. No ex-lovers. Not even Mister Grim and it made me cry even harder. I was practically waiting for Grim’s levitation, punishing me from the silk of his black jurist’s robe—a silent monster…

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