Personality in Order

This is a really great one babe!❤️🙏

Jon Vreeland - Writer/Poet/Journalist/Human

I’ve seen the rain fall and the heat simmer I’ve seen boats float and sink amid the channelislands, sailing the south side of Catalina and a small island village where




(Drink booze like water from adult sippy cups)

And I’ve beeneverything from a well-behaved child to a problem teen, an all-star baseball player to a pine riding rebel: hair like Billy Idol, eyes like Jessica Rabbit, a habit like a crusty Burroughs.
I’ve been a highschool dropout a private school brat, ($10,000 for a faux piece of paper), a college dropout and honor student; a college employee and a suspended employee for using my fist on another’s head.

I’ve been

a piano player

a carpenter

a guitar player

a writer

a poet

a journalist

a playwright

I’ve been a nice guy, a dick, a guy who is tough and a guy who is weak, I’ve been…

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