#My Me Too “Healing the Shame That Binds Us”

Alycia Vreeland Art

IMG_5239Wholly cry eye Batman #ME TOO!

We will sell our souls, our self esteem, our truth our dignity all to have a piece of the pie or in my case attention, any kind of attention. At least I am desirable to them. It started with the wrong kind of touch. I am five. He is my mom’s brother. He tells me I am sexy. He rapes me of my romantic thoughts of “the first time’. The sick bastard overpowered me and takes what he wants without my consent.

 Gin kills the pain.

So I figure out how to get attention! Flirt with the boys. I do.  Raped. 7 years old at the end of Via Hierba drive tangled in a Magnolia bush. Four boys take their turns with me. I will never tell.  I am sexy.

Gin kills the pain.

Oh I have a crush on him. I’m 9 on…

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