Baby Darlin’ On Her Purple Cloud

FullSizeRender (3)

Baby Darlin in watercolor. So I learned early on in my first year of sobriety that “being on a pink cloud”  refers to the feelings of elation and happiness that are usually felt by someone in early sobriety. These feelings are usually the result of the alcoholic or addict coming to the realization that they have avoided disaster and have now set course for a new way of life!  I enjoyed the ride of a “pink cloud ” in my first 6 months of sobriety the first time around I was in my late thirties and stayed sober for a month shy of seven years. It was a *”mystical experience” that I surely will never forget. But for now as it stands I have just embarked on my 3rd year of sobriety and have been on a *”ballet of emotions” and continue to enjoy a “purple cloud” of self love, spiritual connection, and peaceful sobriety!

*William James, a 19th-century philosopher, in a Variety of Religious Experiences.

*Will Ferrell, The Other Guys

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