Baby Darlin’ Overwhelmed by the Angels of Death


IMG_5172When most people experience a butterfly on a sunlit day they most likely think of a light and fluffy dancing insect that is not to be swated away but gazed upon with a smile. Butterflies are know to be a symbol of spiritual growth, transformation, hope, joy, new beginnings, rebirth a six legged creature to be celebrated!

My personal experience with butterflies has been a comforting and magical one. I call them my Angel’s of Death because I have assigned various flutterbies to my dead friends and family members. When I encounter an orange and black Monarch I know it’s my momma coming by for a visit. She always shows up at a time of need and brings comfort and smile. The little crazy white ones that hang out by our front door that show up mostly when I’m having a moment, is my sister Anna. I think of new beginnings and hope my sister looking out for us all as she dances around wearing her beautiful white wings. I have yet to assign a fly to cousin Billy, aunt Cindy, Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes and Myers, Teri, Andrea and others I’m sure I will remember when the time comes to celebrate.

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